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Agostino Veroni / Positano Painting, Original Oil on canvas

Positano Painting, Original Oil on canvas



  • Original Positano painting on canvas by brush and palette knifeA good idea to give a touch of italian modern taste to your home, living room, kitchen, bedroom or office…perfect gifts for your relatives and friends


    Title: Positano painting on canvas

    Original Oil Painting on Canvas – One of a kind

    Size: 27″x20″ (70×50 cm)

    Style: modern impressionist

    Free Shipping Worldwide

    Frame on request

    Ship Method: Ready to hang ( it’s other names “stretched canvas” or “gallery wrapped” are when the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame)

    Each artwork is carefully packed signed by me, and sent directly to your home in 5 days with secure tracking code directly from ITALY


    ***Welcome custom painting or custom size


    <<…To paint is to tell what I feel, what strikes me.

     Nature is the protagonist of my paintings, I love to paint “live”

    so I can grasp the essence, the emotion of the colors that

    overlap and fuse one in the other…>>

    <<…Often daily life pushes us away from the simplicity of things,

    especially from those “real” ones, everyone is taken by his own passions,

    displeasures and specially by his own needs. I would like people to stop for

    a moment to savor life, to be happy simply about the fact of “being”, of having

    eyes to see the beauty of the sky, senses to enjoy the warmth of the sun…

    the lightness to be enraptured by this infinite sea. I would like once to do

    something truly beautiful, that I can leave as legacy to everyone and specially

    to those who have and don’t know they do… Color and its use are the ways to reach

    all this.>> ………..The drawing takes a secondary place behind the chromatic sense

    given by the combination of colors and the bold energetic brushstroke. In certain paintings

    it is possible to see an evolution towards the abstract specially in some sea storms where the

    drawn figure is absorbed by the contrast of colors and the combination of light and

    shades that favor the pathos. Whatever might be its subject, the painting of Veroni is in

    like that: True, sincere, intended to grasp the essence of the nature that surrounds him and excites him.

    << … A painting is successful when it manages to convey “something” to provoke careful study ,

    attention, reflection … >>. *


    Thank you very much for your visit

    Agostino Veroni


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    * From “The air, the light and the color…” by Federica Cenci